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My name is Jean-Yves,
I tattoo and draw.


To see my work,
you can visit the vault,
where I store everything I do :
jylm6d's vault


For every new tattoo,
I create an original drawing.
That way, my clients are sure that their tattoos are unique and really their owns.

This implies that I can only do subjects with creation involved, usually fantastic or surrealistic themes.

I don't do letterings,
only drawings, always fine and detailed.


I only tattoo with black.

My ink is 100% vegan.


If you would like
to start a project with me,
don’t hesitate to send me a mail
with details about your subject,
its location on the body and its size.
I usually answer within one to two days.


And of course there are
all these social networks
where I try to post regularly.

mastodon :

instagram :

facebook :


See you around,