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My name is Jean-Yves,
I tattoo and draw.


To see my work,
you can visit

the tattoos gallery


If you want a tattoo from me,
the first thing
to do is to go to

the flash gallery

There, you will find
all the drawings
available to get tattooed.
I will tattoo each only once;
The one you will choose
will be your own, unique.


in 2020, I decided to focus
on flashs. From now on, I won't
accept personalized projects.

The goal of this is
to develop my style
and graphic world in a
much more elaborate way.

See you on social networks
and on this website,
new drawings will be
posted very regularly !


And of course there are
all these social networks
where I try to post regularly.

mastodon :

tumblr :

instagram :

facebook :


See you around,